Sunday, September 6, 2009

Haha maaan so I came up with the name and idea when I used to work at MCDONALDS last year(08) one saturday during the morning rush, there were some customers fussing about having a fresh cup of coffee..we had pots sitting out but they wanted it fresh and made to order so we brewed up some more..and i was like dam fresh coffee! haha switched up how I spelled the coffee part(kaufee) so it would look cool..after messing around with some other names for the line I was stuck because i wanted it to be catchy and original..the way I saw it was that coffee is an addiction and if I use that mentallity of addiction and fit it to style and originality then dam it could be something cool! I base every design, which are all free-hand-drawn illustrations, around coffee and in each one there is a cup of coffee somewhere with the name fresh kaufee incorporated. then I thought, what if the shirts smelled like coffee?? I thought that would go great with the brand and people loved that! the company colors are coffee orientated. As for packaging I throw some creamer and sugar packets in the order to complete the idea.

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