Wednesday, October 7, 2009


THEY ARE HERE!! still working out the packaging but alot of yall have been asking about these lil guys and the faster they go the faster i can get some more so hit up the shop link on the right side of the blog or click the picture THANKS!! international shipping is possible..working the kinks out so bare with meee

OH AND CHECK OUT THE OLD ONES TOO lol not many of them left but still had to post it!


Lindsay poo lol..nah mah homie from upstate..loves the party scene but she has her head on str8-pretty cool to chit chat with too and she paints ha---thanks buddy :)


whistling the theme song haha from the Andy Griffith Show :)

Jared Nickerson is a beast plain and simple..his illustrations are so intricate yet clean and professional-CAN I PLEASE GET TO YOUR LEVEL BROSKI?? lol check his stuff for reeelz thanks Jared