Saturday, September 26, 2009


also a new fresh kaufee design lol..its like a redbull thing-his aviator goggles n his wings are made of the steam coming from the coffee cup :)..nowhere close to being done but just getting a lil porfolio together..for grad school+my art show COMING DEC 4TH!!


Hey you guys im working on an Obama shirt idea and will be sending him a letter along with the design in hopes that he will read it n give me a ring or two lol..out there i know but its worth a shot so wish me luck? nah i dont need it :) jk...

the design is meant to broadcast his vision on healthcare in america-im not too political, so if your going to bash me on the it! lol

its obama sitting down in one of his "confident postures lol holding a cup of "fresh kaufee" lol and his vision protruding from his eyes. Inside the vision are people of all sorts who deserve free health care i.e. the box in the middle lol..trying to hold barack back are the hands of oppositions tugging at him n grabbing his is even trying to steal his kaufee-how dare he!

hope yall digs :)

its a WIP-work in progress :p


Today's Latte is one of my best friends orrr "best cuzzins" lol we arent even related but i let it slide cuz she is the homie Kammie aka koolaid aka kamsta aka the lil cheez haha :) thanks kammie


happy tree..riiiiight there..aww look at that :) lol bob ross is a beast...just so happens he was a kaufee addik lol

i kno i late today..but ive been working since 6 lol n im finally back at goes the artist of the day though :)

Roc Upchurch aka JonnyRocwell is a beast! his style has a good sense of realism that makes him stand out against the regular artists today check him out on DEVIANTART or better yet the dood has a i didnt even know that..gotta go follow his